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The program is closed for applications.

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The Female Facilities Program aims to assist sport and recreation organisations and local governments to develop functional and inclusive female change rooms and amenities that meet the current and future needs of sport and recreation participants.

Watch this case study video to see how a Queensland sporting organisation has successfully integrated female facilities into their club, with support from Sport and Recreation Services.

(Male voice): My name is John Burrell, President Centrals Trinity Beach AFL club. We have been mainly a male-based club since 1958 until the early 2000s.

(Female voice): With the inception of women’s football in 2003 – that started out small and became as huge as it is now.

(Female voice): It’s a really positive atmosphere.

The one thing about Centrals is that it always had a strong sense of community.

(Male voice): We found by surveying our ladies that they wanted their own home space and they wanted to feel comfortable in the change room.

(Male voice): A change room in itself, what does that mean? Nothing really. But it’s everything that comes with that. It’s about people having their own space. It’s about accommodating another group that weren’t accommodated at the club.

(Female voice): You know thinking that they might have been getting changed next to blokes or someone could walk in on them when they are getting changed. It probably pushed a lot of girls away from football.

(Male voice): So we thought that was really important in terms of getting extra woman involved in football, hence the application for the grant.

(Male voice): My name is Alexi Sachlikidis, I’m an Advisor for Sport and Recreation Services. So, we manage a variety of different grant programs, infrastructure being one of them.

(Male voice): The support we got from Alexi was, I thought, outstanding.

Sometimes there is just a critical piece of infrastructure missing that could actually be a real catalyst for change there and for growth there or to accommodate that local community better.

You’re not going to be successful with any of this unless you work with the people.

Get a group together so that it doesn’t all fall to the one or two people. We come in either right at the start to throw the seeds of thought around. Or let them mound something and then come in and help fine tune it all. Support it in whatever way is needed.

We are more facilitating them achieving the goals that they are setting for themselves.

(Male voice): One of the reasons why you are going to be successful with any application is a demonstrated need.

It’s one thing to put it on the paper that we need this, and we need that. Sometimes it’s actually a little bit tricky to find evidence to support that.

Quantify that need, is it through surveys, is it through just conversations, you know maybe there’s another sport that wants to come to your site and participate and they just need one piece of infrastructure to make that happen.

(Female voice): Down in Victoria, every football club has a netball club attached to it. But with netball we train offsite, so obviously if we are to get courts here, we need somewhere to shower, we need somewhere to change.

So the change room facilities being here is a tick in the box already for one of our wish list items.

(Female voice): I think it empowers them, that they have a place to be and go and to celebrate their wins and be proud of the moments that they’ve played women’s football.

(Female voice): Having somewhere that we can feel safe, somewhere that we can put our valuables. It’s definitely made a difference and has probably brought more girls to the club.

(Male voice): We’ve seen tremendous growth from our own perspective in young girls participating in AFL.

In 2012 I believe we had about 20 young ladies playing football. I can tell you now that as of this year we have got 50 registered youth girls and 35 registered senior women in our football club, and I strongly believe that that wouldn’t have happened without this facility.

(Female voice): It’s been quite remarkable actually; it’s been a big mission for the club to get it happening and a lot of hard work.

The boys have been very very supportive, which was good and helping us out where we need it.

Bringing more women and the younger girls through has been sensational, I suppose, because they start young and then they keep going up in to the women’s age group.

(Male voice): Probably the female facility program at the moment is about bringing the base level of women’s facilities up to where the men’s facilities are, but in the future it’s more about thinking inclusively about building spaces that all user groups can use.

(Male voice): I’m exceptionally proud of the people in this place.

(Female voice): Get out there if you don’t know how to do a grant. Find someone that helps you to do it.

(Male voice): We don’t want a woman’s section and a junior section and a senior section. We actually want one club, working together and growing together.

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Funding opportunities

The department provides opportunities for funding under the Get in the Game 2018-2020 initiative.


For further information contact your nearest Sport and Recreation regional office on 13 74 68 (13 QGOV).

Helpful resources

The following are some resources that can help assist in planning and developing female friendly facilities.