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PlayLab is where you play and we experiment

At PlayLab we test and grow ideas, try different methods, and experiment with technology. You will find new ways to explore and have fun with the archives as projects change and evolve over time. And of course we hope you will be inspired to discover and use the collection in your own way.

Come in try our Decision Making Machine, watch a series of bite-size films and help eradicate Queensland’s invasive species.

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Help protect Queensland’s natural environment

Place Invaders is a fun retro-inspired game exploring Queensland’s encounters with invasive species. And you can contribute! Go to, upload a picture of an invasive species, and your contribution will be included in an interactive display that you can play in our new PlayLab space at Runcorn, as well as in an exhibition in Cairns next year.

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Enhancing lives by empowering memories

Memory Lounge is a welcoming space that offers a safe, social setting for people living with dementia and their carers. Visitors can browse through albums of archival photos and share their memories of people, places and times.

Memory Lounge and associated programs are free. Please contact us for bookings or more information.

Dates and times

9am-4.30pm, Monday – Friday

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