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Queensland State Archives (QSA) has many treasures and resources for both government and public clients. We host regular events and have displays of some of our collections. Visit our Flickr page or the QSA blog for a glimpse into our collections.

QSA’s ‘Memory Lounge’ creates dementia-friendly environment

As part of the process in becoming recognised as a dementia-friendly organisation, Queensland State Archives designed the Memory Lounge with Dementia Australia guidelines in mind, choosing specific colours, textures and custo​m-made furniture to make the space accessible to people living with dementia.

Officially opened on Friday 9 November at 435 Compton Road, Runcorn, the Memory Lounge is a free public space inspired by interiors and furnishings from the 1950s.​

Furniture selected features high backs, arm rests and comfortable seating positions to aid with mobility, along with framed images and photo albums of the State's archival records.

Dr Jason Nelson, artist in residence

Queensland State Archives is pleased to welcome Dr Jason Nelson as the next artist in residence.

Jason will spend the next several months exploring the collection to identify papers, photographs, videos, sounds and objects to create a series of fictional narratives in new artworks. These works will culminate into an exhibition of digital and interactive installations which will open in December at Runcorn.

Jason is a Queensland creator of curious and wondrous digital art and writing of off lives, builder of confounding art games and all manner of curious digital creatures.

Public clients

QSA offers a wide range of activities including:

  • a regular program of events and seminars focusing on specific aspects of our holdings
  • seminars for family history societies or historical societies on a range of topics, or a subject to meet your needs
  • opening the second Saturday of every month
  • behind-the-scenes tours (contact us for more information)
  • exhibitions and displays.

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