Property disputes

Disputes with a neighbour over fences and trees

Trees and fences are very common causes of disagreements between neighbours, and no two situations are exactly alike.

Read more about how to resolve disputes with neighbours about fences and trees.

Dispute with a real estate agent

If you have a problem with a property sale or a real estate agent, first try to resolve it with the agent.

If you have lost money because of  something an agent has done (or not done), you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

You can also contact the Real Estate Institute of Queensland for advice if the agent is a member.

If you have tried to resolve your complaint without any success, lodge a written complaint with the Office of Fair Trading.

Dividing property in a dispute

If you have a dispute with a family member over property, there are a number of things you need to consider. These considerations may apply if you are getting divorced or separated, or if you have a dispute with another property owner in your family.

Find out more about dividing property in a dispute or how transfer (stamp) duty can apply when dividing property or assets.