Leaving prison

Your release date

You may be released from prison up to 7 days early to ensure you can get home easily.

If your release date falls on a weekend or public holiday, when public transport is more limited, you may be released on the working day before the weekend or holiday.

Before you leave

In most cases, your property will be returned to you before you leave prison. Check it thoroughly. You should report it immediately if anything is missing.

You will also be given any remaining money in your prison trust fund.


Centrelink staff may visit you in prison, or you can arrange a phone appointment with them before your release.

You may be eligible for a one-off Centrelink crisis payment. Otherwise you can go to your nearest Centrelink office after you are released to set up any other payments you may be entitled to.

For more details about what payments may be available please go to the Department of Human Services.

Reintegration Support

If you need help planning for your release, contact a staff member at the prison who will be able to put in you touch with the right person depending on your needs.

You should start planning for your release early in your sentence. That way, you can make the most of programs and services available to you in prison, such as education and vocational training courses. You can learn new skills and earn qualifications that might make it easier for you to get a job and settle back in the community.

Other specialist support

If you were a client of Disability Services Queensland or Community Mental Health Services before you came to prison, you must tell these agencies about your release beforehand.

They’ll support you and continue treatment when you get out. Ask a counsellor or a staff member how to contact these agencies.

Support from Centacare and the Catholic Prison Ministry

Centacare Brisbane is a community service provided by the Catholic Church that offers support for released prisoners.  For more information, phone Centacare on (07) 3324 3667.

Anyone who has been released from prison in the past 12 months, or who is at risk of re-offending may be referred by Centacare to the Centacare Prisoners’ Services for post-release support.

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