Adjudicators' decisions

Reading a decision that an adjudicator has made in a past case can help you understand how the body corporate legislation is interpreted and applied.

While the subject matter or details of a past dispute may not be the same as a situation within your own body corporate, the adjudicator's decision may give you general information about the dispute resolution process. It will also help you understand how adjudicators make 'just and equitable' decisions when resolving body corporate disputes.

We publish adjudicator's decisions made since 2000 online. You can search the online database of decisions by the name of the scheme that was involved in the dispute, the date of the decision, or words in the decision.

Decisions made before 1 March 2021

Adjudicators’ decisions made before 1 March 2021 may be relevant; however, they will reference the provisions and section numbers of the 2008 or 1997 regulations, which may differ from the current 2020 regulations.

Many sections of the BCCM Act were also renumbered in March 2003, so decisions made before that date will reference the previous section numbers.