How to apply on behalf of a child

In most cases, the person filling in a financial assistance application form must be an adult (over 18).

When applying for financial assistance, a child is a person who is under 18 when they apply for financial assistance.

The people who can complete the form for a child are either:

  • the child’s parent
  • another relevant adult (who is caring for the child)—with prior approval.

You need permission to have another adult fill in the form for the child. Write to us at to seek this approval.

A child can only fill in the form themselves if they are 12 or older and represented by a lawyer. If using this option, we may help with certain legal expenses.

If the child is under the care of Child Safety Services, contact us for advice.

How to apply

If you are a parent or other person approved to apply for the child, download these forms:

You need to verify your identity. Complete the verification of identity form about yourself; not your child.

You may also need to download:

It is good to include information about the child’s injuries. If you include this when you first apply, we may be able to assess the application faster. The injuries factsheet explains what we need.

Which form

In most cases, a person can only make a claim under one category. If your child meets the conditions of more than one category, contact us for advice.

Use the:

  • primary victim application form if they have been directly injured by an act of violence (including domestic and family violence) committed against them
  • witness application form if they have been injured from seeing or hearing an act of violence (including domestic and family violence) being committed against someone else
  • related victim form if your child’s brother, sister or parent has died in a murder or manslaughter.

How to fill in the application form

You need to fill in the application form on the child’s behalf.

You must include your details under the ‘Parent and legal appointed guardian’ section.

You must sign and date the last page.

When signing the last page, you must write your child’s full name next to ‘Full name of victim’.

More information

If you are applying for more than one child, you must put in a separate application for each child.

See our general how to apply information to work out what expenses may be claimed.