Authorised marriage celebrants

An authorised marriage celebrant may apply for approval to be an online service provider to register Queensland marriages.

By law, you must submit the official marriage documents within 14 days of a wedding.

This system is free and easy to use.

Existing users

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What you can do online

Approved service providers can:

  • create and print official marriage documents
  • transfer a notice of intended marriage to another online celebrant
  • submit marriage records to us electronically
  • scan and upload signed official marriage documents
  • offer couples an easy way to get a standard marriage certificate or commemorative package from us
  • receive status updates
  • receive fast notification about any issues we have registering a marriage.

Introduction to our online marriage registration system

Learn some of the key features of the online marriage registration system and how to sign up.

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How to become an online service provider

To sign up as an online service provider, you need to prove your identity. You will only need to do this once.

To apply for access to the system, you need to:

  1. Read the roles and responsibilities agreement.
  2. Have your proof of ID, email and mobile phone nearby.
  3. Complete the online service provider sign up process
    1. Create a QGov account
    2. Enter the confirmation code we send to your email account
    3. Complete your online service provider details.
  4. Wait for us to confirm your access to the system.

Sign up

Documents needed

To prove your identity online, you need to submit documentation that supports your personal details:

  • given name
  • middle name (if applicable)—entering your middle name is optional if you choose to use identity documents that don’t show it
  • family name
  • date of birth.

You will need to submit enough documents to make up 100 points of ID, including at least 1 document that shows your middle name (if entered).

Only 1 document can show a different family name, unless you provide a marriage certificate that shows you have changed your name.

Change of name documents cannot be used to support a change to your name between documents when you are verifying your identity online.

What happens next

We will be notified that you have submitted a sign-up request and will verify your details.

You will receive an email and SMS confirming that you have been approved for access within 2 business days of when we receive your sign-up request.

Look for the links to the roles and responsibilities and the user guide in the confirmation email.