Identity and eligibility documents

Your registered civil partnership notary must see:

  • proof of ID for both of you
  • evidence that at least 1 of the partners lives in Queensland
  • evidence of any previous divorce or death of any former spouse, if applicable—such as an original divorce or death certificate.

Qualified witnesses

A qualified witness in Australia is a:

  • Justice of the Peace
  • commissioner for declarations
  • barrister or solicitor
  • notary public.

A qualified witness outside of Australia is an:

  • Australian diplomatic officer
  • Australian consular officer
  • employee of the Australian Government
  • employee of the Australian Trade Commission.

Prohibited relationship

A prohibited relationship is between 2 people who are direct ancestors (such as parent, grandparent), direct descendants (such as child, grandchild), siblings or half siblings. Applicants should be aware of their responsibilities under the Civil Partnerships Act 2011.