Eligibility for the Fund

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to receive funding from the Resilient Homes Fund, homeowners must meet all 4 of the preliminary eligibility criteria.

Funding is available to both insured and uninsured homeowners and is not income tested.

You're the homeowner/landlord, or an authorised party acting on behalf of the owner of the home (tenants cannot apply)
Your home is within one of the 39 affected local government areas
Your home is a residence
The building envelope was inundated by water as a result of an eligible flooding event.


Registrations of interest closed on Sunday, 30 July 2023, more than a year after they opened to support homeowners affected by the 2021-22 flooding events.

Eligibility considerations throughout the funding process

Eligibility to apply for reimbursement of completed works

You may be eligible to apply for reimbursement of eligible completed resilience works subject to a number of requirements. Learn more about these requirements on the Apply for funding page.

How other grants and insurance affect your eligibility

Applying for other government grants does not affect your eligibility to receive funding from the Resilient Homes Fund. However, the Fund will only pay for works that are not covered by another grant or insurance.

If your insurer has covered the full cost of your repairs, you may still be eligible for assistance. If the insurance repair is ‘like for like' (it does not improve the flood resilience of your home), you can apply for funding to complete additional retrofit/repairs for that purpose. Any eligible improvements that have already been paid for by your insurer will not be covered again.

If you have a home insurance policy that includes inundation by flood water, you will need to finalise a claim through your insurer before applying for funding for the Resilient Retrofit program. You must provide proof of your insurer accepting or rejecting your claim as part of the application process.

Read more about insurance in relation to the Resilient Homes Fund.

Demolish and rebuild or relocate

In limited circumstances, you may be eligible for financial assistance to demolish and rebuild or relocate your home above the assessed flood level. Learn more about the demolish and rebuild or relocate option.

Multiple homes on the property

If there is more than one home on the property (e.g. a home and granny flat), you can make an application for both homes, however, the thresholds are shared.

Example: Homes 1 and 2 are eligible homes on the same property. The cost of repairing both homes is $100,000. The base repair or retrofit funding available for works to both homes is $50,000. The owner would make a co-contribution of $25,000 and the fund would pay the remaining $25,000.

Note that this does not apply to an eligible manufactured home that is located in a residential park under a site agreement.

Buying or selling during the process

Funding arrangements cannot be automatically transferred to new owners.

If a property was to sell during the funding for retrofitting or home raising being administered, it will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If the change of ownership occurs before a Certificate of Conditional Approval is provided by QRIDA, the new owner will not be eligible for the funding.

As property sales are quite complex, the program could not commit that a grant would be transferred to new owners. Another consideration is whether a building contract has been entered into by the owner and a licensed contractor.