What is a treaty?

A treaty is a signed, negotiated agreement that accepts our history and opens the door to a shared future.

The Path to Treaty is a journey toward signing a negotiated agreement between First Nations peoples and the Queensland Government. Widespread community support is critical for this to be successful.

There is no standard format for treaties. Every treaty is shaped by the unique social, political and historical context that exists between the parties who are negotiating the treaty.

A single treaty for the whole state or individual treaties with specific Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups could be negotiated.

A treaty could, for example:

  • recognise First Nations peoples as the original owners and custodians of the land, winds, sky and waters
  • include a negotiated agreement between First Nations people and government
  • result in a binding relationship that empowers First Nations people and ensures substantive social justice outcomes.

What does Treaty mean to you?

Treaty means different things to different people. Watch young Queenslanders describe what treaty means to them.

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