What is a treaty?

A treaty is a negotiated agreement between two (or more) parties. It is only signed when all parties agree.

Treaties can be different, and are shaped by the social, political, and historical background that exists between the groups negotiating the treaty.

For Queensland, treaty is about the Queensland Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples coming together as equals to write our future together.

First, the First Nations Treaty Institute (to be established) will co-design a treating-making framework that sets the ground rules for treaty negotiations and will guide treating-making in Queensland.

Why does Queensland need a treaty?

A treaty or treaties will set the foundation for a shared future between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the Queensland Government. It will allow all parties to come together and negotiate a new way of working and set the foundation for a positive co-existence.

The Path to Treaty benefits all Queenslanders, by:

  • building a shared understanding of the past, so we can build a strong and equal future that is based on respect
  • supporting all Queenslanders to participate in a process that promotes healing, justice, and reconciliation.

Getting treaty ready

The Queensland Government is committed to listening to all Queenslanders, working together, and taking the time needed to get this right.

Where are we?

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we are building the structures that will support the Path to Treaty work. The Path to Treaty Act 2023 provides the legislative basis for a:

  • First Nations Treaty Institute to build and support First Nations Treaty Readiness
  • a formal, three-year Truth-telling and Healing Inquiry to inquire into the historical and ongoing impacts of colonisation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Where to next?

Our next steps on the Path to Treaty include:

  • setting up the First Nations Treaty Institute and the Truth-telling and Healing Inquiry
  • continuing our conversations with Queenslanders so that all voices are heard and included.

What does Treaty mean to you?

Treaty means different things to different people. Watch young Queenslanders describe what treaty means to them.

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