Bullying and cyberbullying

Bullying is repeated behaviour directed towards a person that is intended to cause harm or fear. It may be physical, verbal, psychological or social. When this happens online through the internet or mobile devices, it is called cyberbullying.

Queensland schools have resources for teachers and procedures in place for dealing with cyberbullying. Their aim is to create safe and supportive environments for students.

Resources are also available for parents and children. These include websites, help lines and counselling services.

Get help and support to deal with bullying and cyberbulling:

  • at school—read what can be done for school age children
  • for youth—read about bullying, its effects on young people and the help available
  • for people with disability—find information and support for children and adults.

Workplace bullying can affect adults and young people. It’s up to you and your employer to put a stop to it.