Requirements for operators in the levy zone

Monthly summary data return

Waste summary data return requirements

Summary data returns provide information the chief executive requires to calculate the amount of levy owing and are required from the following operators:

  • operators of levyable waste disposal sites in the waste levy zone
  • operators of levyable waste disposal sites in the non-levy zone if any levyable waste, generated in the waste levy zone or interstate, is received at the sites during the levy period to which the return relates.

Summary data returns must be provided by the end of the month after a levy period (e.g. 31 August for a July levy period). Operators of a levyable waste disposal site can apply for an extension of time to submit a waste data return if they are unable to meet the due date. Applications for an extension of time must be made prior to the due date for the waste data return.

Application forms are available for download from Applications and forms.

Summary returns will be made via the QWDS (Queensland Waste Data System).

In this guide:

  1. Weighbridge requirements and measurement of waste
  2. Volumetric surveys
  3. Monthly summary data return
  4. Monthly detailed data return
  5. Record keeping
  6. Resource recovery area (RRA)
  7. Levy payment (to the state)
  8. Levy and exemptions and discounts

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