Levy rates

The waste levy will apply to general waste streams - municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, and construction and demolition waste.

The levy will also apply to regulated (or hazardous) waste – more information is available on:

Type of wasteLevy rate (per tonne) in 2019-2020 financial year
Treated timber sawdust and shavings$75

Earth contaminated with a hazardous contaminant from land recorded on the environmental management register or contaminated land register

Regulated waste: Category 1$155
Regulated waste: Category 2$105
Other levyable waste$75
Exemptions for specific waste$0

The waste levy for all classifications is proposed to increase by $5 on 1 July each year.

GST is not applied to the waste levy when a landfill operator pays the waste levy to the Queensland Government.

GST is applied to the waste levy when a landfill operator charges their customers a fee to cover their levy liability.

View a summary of levy requirements for operators—in the levy zone or in the non-levy zone.