Recycling and waste in Queensland report

The Recycling and waste in Queensland 2020 report (PDF, 2.4 MB) presents data on, and trends in, waste recovery, recycling and disposal in Queensland during the 2019–20 financial year.

It provides valuable insight to help inform policy development and decision makers in the waste and resource recovery industry, local government and Queensland Government about the state’s recycling and waste management activities.

Key highlights include:

  • Queensland’s overall recovery rate increased from 48.7% in 2018–19 to 54.1% in 2019–20.
  • Weekly red bin  lid kerbside services collected 1.27 million tonnes of domestic waste from over 1.9 million households.
  • Local government diverted nearly 2.8 million tonnes of waste from disposal, including green waste, paper and packaging, asphalt and biosolids.
  • 81% of materials recovered were recycled in Queensland.
  • 25,000 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill through the operation of ‘tip shops’.

Previous reports

Annual Waste Data Survey

The Recycling and waste in Queensland report is informed by the Annual Waste Data Survey.

The survey data captures data about waste generation, resource recovery, treatment and disposal in Queensland.

It also provides a range of government and industry stakeholders across the entire state with access to high quality, accurate waste data, while protecting survey respondent privacy and commercial confidentiality. Such data is critical to stakeholder planning and decision making at both the micro and macro level and ensures better productivity, with more likelihood of opportunities being identified and leveraged, and challenges managed.

The Queensland Waste Data System (QWDS) is the vehicle for reporting entities to submit their data. The system enables entities to submit their data in a timely, secure and convenient manner, providing reliable and accessible information about waste recovery, recycling and disposal activities. See the glossary of terms used in recycling and waste report for further clarification.