Illegal dumping resources

Download resources to support your local illegal dumping prevention programs.

You can also request access to materials used in past illegal dumping prevention projects or advice on creating a lasting behaviour-change program by contacting

Outdoor signage

Outdoor signage is provided in two sizes. The large signs can be printed to a maximum of 2m x 1.2m; and the small signs to a maximum of 1.5m x 0.9m. All signs can be used in relevant problem areas.

Signs can be provided without images to allow specific images to be inserted (design software will be required for this). To request these templates email:

Additional sign designs can be accessed through the Queensland Government's TC Signs, TC2099_1-5.


Posters (set to print at A3 size) are designed to create greater community awareness of your illegal dumping prevention program. Posters can be displayed in public areas including illegal dumping hotspots, local businesses, tourist information centres, charity shops and bins, nature reserves, shopping centre carparks, community events, or at any other location that can promote the message of working together to keep Queensland clean.



The following illegal dumping ‘see it, stop it, report it’ graphics can be incorporated in promotional products. The images are resizable and can be used for anything from signature blocks to vehicle stickers.

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