Grants and funding

Illegal Dumping Partnerships Program

The Illegal Dumping Partnerships Program provides $2 million in funding to councils over two years to monitor, act on and prevent illegal dumping activities.

The following councils have been chosen to participate in a pilot program based on several criteria including the number of illegal dumping incidents reported over the past two years, environmental damage and proximity to built-up areas:

  • Fraser Coast Regional Council
  • Bundaberg Regional Council
  • Townsville City Council
  • City of Gold Coast.

These participants are also regionally representative, have a proactive compliance history and capacity to support increased prevention work.

Other councils are invited to apply to join the program.

Eligible activities

Funding will be used to employ officers to focus on the investigation and prevention of illegally dumped waste entering Queensland’s environment.

Funding will be limited to a maximum of $200,000 per council however councils may submit a joint application and pool the allocated funds. Councils are encouraged to apply jointly to establish a compliance ‘taskforce’.

Applications have now closed.

Illegal Dumping Hotspot Grants Program

About the program

The Local Government Illegal Dumping Hotspot Grants Program provides $1 million in funding to councils to support projects that aim to prevent or reduce illegal dumping in hotspot areas.

Prevention activities can include behaviour change programs, infrastructure development, education projects, surveillance projects, and data collection projects to identify potential illegal dumping hotspot locations for future prevention or intervention activities and strategy development.

Grants for this program will be provided under two funding options:

  • Funding option 1: Up to $60,000 (excluding GST) for behaviour change and hotspot prevention and intervention programs
  • Funding option 2: Up to $20,000 (excluding GST) for data collection activities.

Downloadable collateral and guides are available to support prevention activities.

Applications have now closed.