Lake Vermont Meadowbrook Project

Project overview

Current stage


  • Development of an underground longwall (plus bord and pillar) mine and open cut (satellite) mine pits.
  • Extraction of up to 7 million tonnes per year of coal to produce approximately 5.5 million tonnes per year of metallurgical product coal.
  • Development of supporting Mine Infrastructure Area (MIA).
  • Development of an infrastructure corridor linking the MIA to existing Lake Vermont Coal Mine.
  • Construction of drifts and shafts to provide access to underground operations.
  • Use of the existing Lake Vermont Coal Mine’s Coal Handling and Preparation Plant, tailings storage facility and water/power and rail infrastructure.
  • Expansion to the existing Lake Vermont Accommodation Village at Dysart.



  • Approximately 30 kilometres northeast of Dysart in Central Queensland.

Local government

  • Isaac Regional Council.


  • 20–25 years.


  • 200 (construction)
  • 350–400 (operational)

Commonwealth approval needed

  • Yes (controlled action EPBC 2019/8413), single EIS assessment for the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments.

Environmental impact statement (EIS)

The process for the assessment of this project is as follows:

  1. Submission of draft TOR
  2. Public notification of draft TOR
  3. Final TOR issued—EIS in preparation
  4. Public notification of EIS
  5. Proponent responds to submissions
  6. EIS assessment report

Current documents

When the EIS is released, public submissions will be invited. For further information about the EIS process for this proposal, contact the EIS coordinator on 13QGOV (13 74 68) or email