Apply for approval as an auditor

Before applying

To apply for approval as an auditor, or to seek mutual recognition of an auditor approval held interstate, you should:

To make a request for a pre-lodgement discussion, email with the following information:

  • your name and contact details (in your signature block)
  • specify that you are requesting a pre-lodgement discussion prior to submitting an auditor application
  • specify whether you are an approved auditor in another state.

How to apply

A first time application to become an auditor may be made only at certain times and in the approved form (DOCX, 126 KB) . Intakes of applications will be accepted at intervals of approximately two years.

Auditors may apply at any time to renew their existing approval. However, auditors must apply at least 30 business days before their existing approval expires if they wish to keep working without interruption. A renewal application must be in the approved form (DOCX, 126 KB) .

The same approved form (DOCX, 126 KB) is used for both first-time and renewal applications.

A person who is already an auditor in another state may apply at any time to become an auditor in Queensland—this is known as mutual recognition. There is no approved form that must be used when seeking mutual recognition. A written notice (DOCX, 118 KB) in the form of a letter to the department is sufficient provided it includes all the information required by section 19 of the Mutual Recognition (Queensland) Act 1992. Nevertheless, the government provides a form (Written notice to apply for mutual recognition as an auditor for contaminated land (DOCX, 118 KB) ) that may be used as the basis for the written notice and incorporates a checklist for the information requirements.

Once you have your approval

You are required to comply with the conditions of your approval and Module 4: Code of professional conduct (PDF, 79 KB) of the Queensland auditor handbook for contaminated land.