Reporting an injured or dead animal

Injured animals

Contact us if your enquiry relates to:

  • reporting injured, sick or orphaned wildlife
  • getting advice on how to handle an injured animal
  • organise rescue of an injured animal
  • crocodile sightings
  • reporting a stranded marine animal* (sick, injured or dead turtles, dolphin, dugongs, seals or whales).
  • C3 bats (a bat that has bitten or scratched a person, or the person has had exposure to the bat’s saliva or neural tissue through their mucous membranes, e.g. eye).

* A Queensland Government officer in the relevant region will get your information. They will decide how to respond to the situation. Officers will not be able to attend to all reported cases.

Dead animals

If you find a recently dead marsupial like a possum or a koala, check if it has any live young in its pouch, as it may be possible to save them and eventually release them back into the wild.

Dead wildlife may also be of interest to us if:

  • the animal has a tag or a radio collar, as it may be part of a research program and any information about it will be important
  • the animal is unusual for that area
  • the animal belongs to a threatened species.