Proposal to expand the container refund scheme

Queensland’s container refund scheme (scheme), Containers for Change, aims to increase the recovery and recycling of beverage containers and reduce beverage container litter.

We want to know what you think about expanding our scheme to include additional containers that would be eligible for a refund.

Since 2018, the rate of beverage containers that were recovered and recycled in Queensland has risen from 18 per cent to over 63 per cent. The scheme complements kerbside recycling services and provides people in regional and remote areas with the ability to recycle their beverage containers.

Expanding the scope of containers that are eligible for a refund will help support improved recycling across Queensland. We are seeking your feedback on:

  • support for expanding the eligible containers in the scheme
  • including glass containers that have contained wine and pure spirits
  • increasing the size limit for flavoured milk, pure vegetable and fruit juice, and water and wine aseptic pack to 3 litres.

More information on the proposed expansion is available in the discussion paper (PDF, 715 KB) .

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