Internal reviews and appeals

If you have a right of appeal against a decision, you must lodge the application within 42 days following notice of the original decision and include details of the grounds for review.

Every appeal against an ‘original decision’ made in accordance with Schedule 2 of the Land Act 1994 or the Land Regulation 2020 must be made by way of an application for internal review.

You may also apply to the Land Court for a stay of the decision.

How to apply

Your application should include:

To avoid processing delays, read the forms carefully and include all required information.

Lodging your application

If you can't lodge your application online, apply through the PDF applications and lodge by emailing or by posting it to Department of Resources, PO Box 5318, Townsville QLD 4810.

Payment options

If a fee applies to your application, payment options are cheque (by post) or credit card.

Cheques should be made out to the 'Department of Resources' and marked 'not negotiable'.

Credit card payments are accepted over the phone.

We will send you a receipt once we have established that your application meets all requirements and has been properly made.

Contact us

If you have any questions about lodging your application or payment, contact:

What happens next?

We will notify you of our decision in writing. The notice will provide information on your right to appeal the decision to the Land Court.

Appeals to the Land Court

If your internal review application is unsuccessful, you can appeal to the Land Court of Queensland.

The notice of appeal must be filed with the Land Court no later than 42 days after notice of the internal review decision.

When applying for a review of a decision, you may also apply for a stay of the decision.

Lodging your Land Court application

Your application must be made on the following forms:

You must then:

  • lodge the forms with the Land Court (details on the form)
  • send a copy to one of our business centres (preferably the one located closest to the land in question).

Important: For a notice to appeal or application for a stay to be valid, you must send a copy to the Department of Resources.