Applying for a road licence

Road licences provide the right to exclusive occupation of a temporarily closed road, within the conditions of the licence.

An annual rent is charged, which is usually calculated as a percentage of the land valuation.

Road licences can be issued to an adjoining owner. They can also be issued to other persons if the road licence is only for allowing the person holding the licence to make structural improvements for:

  • irrigation pipes that cross the road beneath its surface
  • irrigation water channels that cross the road.

Road licences can be issued only over roads that have been temporarily closed. To find out if a road has been temporarily closed, contact one of our business centres. If the road has not been closed, you will need to apply for a road closure.

Application requirements

Under section 420B of the Land Act 1994 the chief executive may keep guidelines about the making of applications.

The following is the minimum requirement that applies to an application for a road licence under section 103 of the Land Act 1994. If you do not provide the below information or the forms are incomplete then your application will not be accepted.

You will also need to meet the requirement of an ‘adjoining owner’ for a road licence application.

Your application must include:

Note: The Queensland Globe may assist you in compiling this drawing.

Lodging your application

If you can't lodge your application online, apply through the PDF applications and lodge by emailing or by posting it to Department of Resources, PO Box 5318, Townsville QLD 4810.

Payment options

If a fee applies to your application, payment options are cash (in person only), EFTPOS (in person at some centres only), cheque (in person or by post), or credit card.

Cheques should be made out to the 'Department of Resources' and marked 'not negotiable'.

Credit card payments are accepted in person or over the phone.

We will send you a receipt once we have established that your application meets all requirements and has been properly made.

Contact us

You are encouraged to contact your nearest business centre to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting. This meeting is intended to clarify the application requirements and therefore prevent any unnecessary delays. It will also cover the process, timeframes, costs and the quality of information necessary to properly assess the application.

If you have any questions about your application or payment, email or call (07) 4447 9174.

How your application is assessed

We will assess your application against legislative requirements and our own policies, procedures and guidelines. We will seek the views of other stakeholders (e.g. state, regional and local agencies) and inspect the land if required.

Policies and legislation

Native title

Our review will also include an assessment of whether native title issues need to be addressed, and how this should be done. Depending on the outcome, you may be required to address native titles issues as a condition of the offer.

What happens next?

Once we have received the advice of other stakeholders and all issues, including native title, have been investigated, we will send you a written notice.

If your application is successful, a written offer will set out the various conditions and requirements. You must complete the acceptance form and return it to us by the date specified or the offer will lapse.

The conditions may include:

  • payment of first year's rent
  • lodgement of a plan of survey, if needed
  • payment of all regulatory fees and charges.

Once you have met all requirements and conditions of the offer, we will issue the new tenure in your name.


Road licences may be cancelled at short notice, generally 3 months, with no compensation. Road licences cannot be mortgaged, subleased or subdivided, but may be transferred with our consent. You may voluntarily surrender a road license.

Local governments may choose to rate a road licence. Check with them for more information.

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