QCoast2100 - coastal hazards adaptation program

In 2016, the Queensland Government, in partnership with the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) launched the QCoast2100 Program, providing over $13.2 million in funding to assist all Queensland coastal councils to develop a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) for their communities.


  • assesses the risks from coastal erosion, storm tide inundation and the projected effects of sea level rise from climate change over the short (present day), medium and long-term
  • identifies and analyses adaptation measures to mitigate these risks
  • in consultation with the community, identifies adaptation actions and how and at what time these can be implemented.

The QCoast2100 Program supports councils in their CHAS progression from identifying coastal hazards and climate change risks, such as storm tide inundation, coastal erosion, and rising sea levels through to the decision-making and implementation phases.

Completing a CHAS has enabled local governments to improve their understanding of the vulnerabilities and risks to communities, infrastructure, and the environment from current and future coastal hazard risks, and knowledge gained throughout the project is already assisting to inform future statutory planning. A CHAS helps mitigate coastal hazard risks for councils and communities through the implementation of informed, coordinated and timely actions.

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Figure 1 - QCoast2100 - Development of a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS)

The QCoast2100 Program provides guidance and support to assist councils in preparing and implementing a CHAS. The Minimum Standards and Guideline outlines a systematic and consistent approach to investigating, analysing and understanding coastal hazard impacts. The QCoast2100 Program will be finalised in September 2021 with most councils having completed their CHAS.

For more information about QCoast2100 please visit the QCoast2100 website.

QCoast2100 2.0 – new funding for CHAS development and implementation

In September 2021, the Queensland Government announced that it would be funding an additional $3 million to continue the work of the QCoast2100 Program. The new program will build on the successful QCoast2100 Program by focussing on implementing actions identified in completed CHAS so councils can commence on-ground adaptation actions. The funding will also assist those councils yet to commence a CHAS or who have not completed a CHAS.

The new QCoast2100 2.0 Program will consist of four funding sub-programs as shown below in Figure 2, which will be rolled out sequentially. For more information about QCoast2100 2.0 program please visit the QCoast2100 website.

Program finalisation is expected in December 2022.

Figure 2 - QCoast2100 2.0 CHAS funding subprograms to commence in 2021

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