Climate action resources for households

As part of its Climate Change Response, the Queensland Government is committed to supporting households as the state transitions to a zero net emissions economy and adapts to the impacts of a changing climate.

Improved energy, water and waste management can reduce a household’s utility bills, reduce its carbon footprint and help preserve natural resources.

Individuals and households have an important role to play in taking climate action to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Queensland.

Actions you can take

Below are some actions you and your household can take.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint—for example, choose a car based on its fuel efficiency, use public transport, walk or ride where possible, wash clothes in cold water, buy green energy and select energy efficient appliances.
  • Reduce your purchase of plastics and/or excessive packaging.
  • Recycle as much as you can and make sure you follow recycling guidelines.
  • Use less chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers.
  • Use reusable shopping bags, water bottles and coffee cups.
  • Reduce food wastage in your household with a worm farm.
  • Buy locally grown food to reduce food transportation and emissions associated with your food.
  • Understand what climate change means for your household and community.
  • Get involved in sustainability and citizen science projects and initiatives in your local area.
  • Encourage members of your household and others in your network to adopt sustainable behaviours.

The resources list below provides useful information and tools to help you take action.


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