Climate action resources for business and industry

The Queensland Government is supporting businesses and industries to develop their own solutions that maximise growth and resilience in a changing world.

The transition to a resilient low-carbon economy brings many opportunities for Queensland businesses and industries.

Innovative operational practices, access to new markets, improved competitive advantage and ability to endure climate risks are all positive outcomes available to transitioning businesses and industries.

Businesses have an important role to play in taking climate action to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Queensland.

Actions you can take

  • Sign up to ecoBiz, a free program for small and medium-sized businesses with personal coaching, site surveys, training and tools to help improve resource efficiency, environmental sustainability and lower operating costs.
  • Assess and manage the exposure of your business to climate change risks by using our climate change risk management tool for small businesses in Queensland.
  • For agricultural businesses, the Energy Savers Plus Program Extension provides free audits to identify better ways to manage your electricity, and grants of up to $20,000 to implement recommendations.
  • Set your own emissions reduction target and develop an emissions reduction plan.
  • Investigate renewable energy options.
  • Buy carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions of your business.
  • Develop a waste management plan to monitor and reduce waste.
  • Investigate options for producing energy onsite from waste.
  • Identify and discuss with other businesses the adaptation actions that might be needed to ensure your business stays resilient, sustainable and profitable into the future—see CCIQ’s brochure, Small businesses adapt to climate-related shocks (PDF, 200 KB) .

General resources

Capitalising on Queensland’s Opportunities in a zero net emissions future – Ernst and Young. These reports highlight the opportunities for Queensland sectors in adapting to a changing climate.

Resources by industry sector


Built environment and infrastructure

Small and medium enterprise


Human health and wellbeing

Emergency management

Biodiversity and ecosystems

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