Climate action resources for business and industry

As part of its Climate Change Response, the Queensland Government is supporting businesses and industries to develop their own solutions that maximise growth and resilience in a changing world.

The transition to a resilient low-carbon economy brings many opportunities for Queensland’s businesses and industries.

Innovative operational practices, access to new markets and improved competitive advantage are all positive outcomes of operating in a more sustainable way.

Businesses have an important role to play in taking climate action to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Queensland.

Actions you can take

Below are some actions your business can take.

  • Commit to reducing your energy usage
  • Set an energy reduction target
  • Develop an energy management plan
  • Investigate renewable energy options
  • Buy carbon offsets for your business’ carbon emissions
  • Develop a waste management plan to monitor and reduce waste
  • Invest in systems, processes and appliances that minimise energy and waste
  • Investigate options for producing energy onsite from waste
  • Design products that minimise energy and waste production.

The resources list below provides useful information and tools to help you take action.

General resources

Capitalising on Queensland’s Opportunities in a zero net emissions future – Ernst and Young

This report highlights the opportunities for Queensland’s sectors in adapting to a changing climate.

Resources by industry sector


Built environment and infrastructure


Human health and wellbeing

Emergency management

Biodiversity and ecosystems

Small and medium enterprise

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