How can I help?

There are many ways that you can support individuals, families and organisations affected by natural disasters. You can:

Donate to registered charities

Registered charities are trained to respond to the needs of communities hit by natural disasters and can provide food, equipment, shelter, and other support right where it is needed.

If you wish to give to a charity raising funds to assist regions affected, please consider giving a donation online or by phone. Leading charities raising funds to help communities include:

Queenslanders encouraged to donate to help people affected by the current 2023 Queensland bushfires. The Queensland Government has kick started the donations through a financial contribution of $1.1 million to NGO partners.

Or you can choose a charity of your choice.

Donate to the RFS and SES

The dedication and commitment of our emergency service volunteers in ensuring the safety and well-being of fellow Queenslanders is greatly valued by the community.

Monies received through your generous donations help in the provision of essential equipment that assists volunteers in performing the many and varied functions that are required by their communities.

Donate goods and services

Public donations

If you have goods or funds you would like to donate, or want to see what is needed in the disaster affected communities, visit GIVIT where you can donate items directly to affected individuals, families and communities. GIVIT is an online service that lets you see what is needed and urgently required in your community and connects you to trusted charities.

Alternatively, you may want to get in touch with a charity directly. Contact your local council for more information about charities and community organisations in your area.

Inappropriate types of donations

Corporate donations of goods and services

For business and corporate organisations wanting to donate, GIVIT will seek to broker an offer to a particular need. This can be undertaken through GIVIT.


The best way you can help is to check on the safety of your loved ones, neighbours and friends and help them however you can.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to assist communities affected by a disaster, you can register or update your details at Emergency Volunteering. Or calling Volunteering Queensland on the free phone number 1800 994 100.

Whether you volunteer on the frontline or behind the scenes, you can help Queenslanders  and communities most in need.

Tips for volunteering after a disaster.

Volunteering Queensland offers a Making It Happen Toolkit and Report about building local capability to manage spontaneous disaster volunteers.

Other ways to help charities

If you are not in a position to make a cash donation, there are a number of ways you may be able to assist, such as:

  • linking up with a local charity and assisting with their fundraising campaigns
  • holding a social event with your friends to donate proceeds to a charity
  • holding a garage sale and donating proceeds to a charity.

Local charities will gladly accept funds raised to assist those affected by natural disasters.

Offer your services for a fee

If you are a licensed contractor wanting to accept work from consumers affected by natural disasters, you should register with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission's Find a Local Contractor directory. This directory helps home owners to locate and contact licensed contractors in their local area.

You can only register for this if you are also registered with QBCC Online Services. You can do this at the QBCC website or by phoning the QBCC for assistance on 1300 272 272.