Job matching service for cancelled apprentices

Trade Apprentices is a free job matching service for unemployed Queensland apprentices.

Check your eligibility

To be eligible for this service, you must:

  • have been enrolled in an apprenticeship in Queensland
  • and
  • have had your training contract cancelled.

Finding a new employer

Trade Apprentices can help you find another employer by:

  • adding your profile to their register (personal details and training requirements)
  • sharing your profile with potential employers
  • helping you to update your resume
  • identifying ways to find a new employer (that you didn't know already).

Trade Apprentices works hard to find you a new job but can't guarantee you one. They reduce the barriers getting in your way.

How to register

Register your profile online at Trade Apprentices.

How does an employer contact me?

When you register, your permission is sought to share your details with potential employers, allowing those employers to contact you directly if they like your profile.