Disability support

Support should be arranged at the start of employment and training so that all support services can be set up and included in the training plan to ensure the best learning outcomes.

Talk to your employer and training organisation as soon as possible—early notification will help ensure your specific support requirements are met.

If you are eligible, you may be able to access:

  • large computer monitors, joystick controls or switch controls
  • software programs which could include magnification, screen reading or voice recognition
  • specialised furniture and keyboards
  • training in assistive or adaptive equipment (or software) for staff and students
  • personal support (e.g. sign language interpreters, specialist support workers, note takers or scribes).

How your supervising registered training organisation can help

Before you start, your supervising registered training organisation (SRTO) will give you information about the skills and abilities that you need for your apprenticeship or traineeship.

They are required to make 'reasonable adjustments' by adapting their training methods to ensure equity and full access to training.

Some SRTOs employ disability services officers to negotiate the support you will need with all parties.

Types of support

Skills Disability Support – provides specialised technology and support services to selected registered training organisations to assist learners (including apprentices and trainees) with a disability.

Help for apprentices and trainees with a disability – for apprentices, trainees and their employers.

Disability Employment Services – a national network dedicated to helping people with disability find a job and keep it.

Mobility Allowance – helps you pay for transport costs if you cannot take public transport without substantial help.

Employment Assistance Fund – provides financial help to buy work-related modifications and services.

HELP Enterprises – a not-for-profit organisation that can help you with job preparation and training.

Free Auslan services – financial help for employers, so they can provide Auslan interpreting services for hearing impaired employees and their co-workers.

Need some help?

For more information about disability support, contact: