The Digital Licence is here – get yours today!

Queensland's first official Digital Licence app can be used to store your driver licence, photo identification card and marine licence on your mobile device.

You can then share your details whenever you need to provide your information – picking up postage, entering a bar or nightclub, renting a car, and more.

You don't need to wait for your physical licence to expire before using the digital alternative – you can download and onboard any time, making life simpler and more convenient.

Using the Digital Licence app is optional and opt-in. Regardless of whether you choose to use the digital version, you'll continue to receive your physical cards for licences and photo identification, just as you do now.

The app was designed for Queenslanders, by Queenslanders, and is yet another way Queensland continues to be an innovative pioneer in the digital space.

Find out more about the app, including how to download and onboard, on the Digital Licence app website.

Say hello - Queensland's digital licence is here