Multicultural Queensland Month

During the state’s largest multicultural celebration, Queenslanders are encouraged to come together to celebrate our state’s unique diversity and its benefits.

This year, we explore the many ways in which language is fundamental to building a truly inclusive Queensland through the theme 'Inclusion in action'.

As Queenslanders, we speak an incredible number of languages and dialects, and practice a broad range of faiths. During Multicultural Queensland Month, we are encouraging everyone to take a closer look at language and put inclusion into action by celebrating language diversity, breaking down language barriers, and choosing to use inclusive language every day.

Our diversity is a fact—but genuine inclusion takes effort.

During August, we encourage you to get involved by planning activities or creating content to embrace our diversity, promote inclusion, and make new connections in your community.

Our communities thrive when we all work together to ensure everyone can connect, contribute and belong.

Find events near you and how you can get involved in Multicultural Queensland Month.