Harsher penalties for drink drivers

Tough new drink driving laws are now in effect across Queensland.

The changes aim to reduce the number of drink drivers on the road and the death and injury they cause, by:

  • increasing the number of people with alcohol ignition interlocks to prevent them from being able to drink and drive
  • educating drivers on how to separate their drinking from their driving.

Alcohol ignition interlocks

From 10 September 2021, mid-range drink drivers (those with a BAC of 0.10-0.149) will be included in a program where:

  • an alcohol ignition interlock must be fitted to any vehicle they drive, including work vehicles (drivers granted a ‘work licence’ are not exempt)
  • they will have to pay the costs associated with having an interlock (on average $3000 for the first 12 months)
  • breath samples and scheduled servicing of the interlock will also be monitored.

Drivers who choose not to participate in the program won’t be able to drive for 5 years and those who don’t follow the rules will have their time in the program extended.


All drink drivers who are convicted of offences committed on or after 10 September 2021 will have to complete an education course:

  • an online early-intervention course that must be completed by all drink drivers before they can get their licence back
  • a face-to-face, multi-session course that must be completed by repeat drink drivers before they can finish the interlock program.

Find out more about the interlock program and the education courses.