Good people. Good jobs

Queensland is leading the nation in job creation.

By connecting Queenslanders with the work they want and supporting employers to develop inclusive work practices, the Queensland Government is creating a ready workforce that is ready to address current challenges, while also building a prosperous future.

The Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032 is built on three pillars—to connect, educate, and attract the state’s workforce. The Strategy delivers innovative and practical solutions to support growth, strengthen our communities, and keep Queensland at the forefront of new economic opportunities.

With $70 million to be invested in the Strategy’s first 3-year action plan, the five key focus areas are:

  • workforce participation
  • local solutions
  • school-to-work transitions
  • workforce attraction and retention
  • skilling Queenslanders now and into the future

We all have a role to play in creating a stronger workforce that’s inclusive and has a shared purpose.

Find out more about the strategy and join the conversation to build our future together.

Jobs and Skills Summit

On 1–2 September 2022, the Federal Government will hold a Jobs and Skills Summit to address the shared economic challenges facing Australians.

The Summit will cover a range of topics and the outcomes will inform the Employment White Paper, which will help shape the future of Australia’s skills and labour market.

Find out more about the Summit.