Containers for Change expands

Help Queensland's transition towards a zero-waste society and get a 10-cent per container refund for returning glass wine and pure spirit bottles through the expanded Containers for Change initiative.

In just five years, Containers for Change has refunded over eight billion containers, and now this figure is set to rise even more with glass wine and pure spirit bottles able to be returned for a 10-cent refund

The change came into effect 1 November 2023 and is just another step in supporting Queensland's transition towards a zero-waste society.

Beyond the environmental benefits, Containers for Change has also had far-reaching positive effects on our communities across the state.  In addition to the over $702 million that has been refunded to Queenslanders, and an additional $10.9 million has been channelled towards charities, schools, and community groups. This not only helped to strengthens the bonds within our communities but has also supported vital causes that make a real difference.

So, next time you finish a bottle of wine or pure spirits don’t forget to take them to a refund point with your other refundable containers.

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