Queensland Veterans' Advisory Council

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    1. (a statement on you or your organisation's relationship to the policy, issues or problems being discussed)

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  4. Purpose
  5. Background
      • Is it from a problem many have experienced?
      • What is being done now?
      • Have there been public meetings?
      • Is it an issue for all members or only some?
      • Was it the result of a research project or survey of members?
  6. Proposal
      • Describe your understanding of the cause of the ‘problem’ and what the ‘problem’ is.
      • Explain how you identify this cause/effect relationship.
      • Use headings for different topics.
      • Provide supporting evidence, including research reports, current best practice, and government policy.
      • Describe how the ‘problem’ is currently dealt with, how adequate these approaches are and their deficiencies.
      • Explain the possible alternative courses of action, their benefits and deficits.
      • Do not use jargon or acronyms unless they are explained.
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  8. Recommendations
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