2014 Queensland Greats recipients

The 2014 Queensland Greats are:

Dr Sallyanne Atkinson AO

Dr Sallyanne Atkinson AO is a community leader who has made an outstanding contribution to Queensland in government, business, sport, international trade, community and the arts. Elected as Brisbane’s first female Lord Mayor in 1985, Sallyanne initiated the most comprehensive plan undertaken by any Australian city, covering land use planning, transport, economic development and social issues, as well as presiding over World Expo ‘88. Sallyanne has been a passionate advocate for her community while holding a diverse range of leadership roles in Queensland.

Fred Conway

Fred Conway is a custodian of the Bidgera people, an Indigenous Elder and advocate for protecting Indigenous cultural sites. A ranger with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Fred has spent his life helping people understand Aboriginal history and culture. Fred has also been instrumental in developing a unique program for Queensland that trains young Indigenous people and allows them to return to country, gain employment and have a meaningful involvement in the management of their traditional lands.

Dr Patrick Corrigan AM

Dr Patrick Corrigan AM is an arts philanthropist and one of Australia’s most prolific art collectors and patrons. His love of Australian art, books, photography, sport and music has led to 40 years of philanthropic contributions to regional, state and national institutions. Patrick has contributed to various collections across the state and provided support for Bond University’s Indigenous education initiatives. This support has had a quantifiable impact on closing the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their communities.

Professor Adèle Green AC

Professor Adèle Green AC is a clinical epidemiologist and leader in biomedical science who has contributed to combating skin cancer and melanoma through groundbreaking research. Adèle has dedicated her career to understanding the preventable causes of cancers including skin cancer and melanoma, and collaboratively ovarian and oesophagus cancers. Adèle was among the first to address the skin cancer epidemic in Queensland. She played a crucial role in convincing Australians wearing sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer, with regular use halving the risk of melanoma.

Win Schubert AO

The late Win Schubert AO was an arts philanthropist and former gallerist who made a significant contribution to the arts in Queensland. Win was one of Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) Foundation’s most generous donors and worked tirelessly to build visual arts and QAGOMA’s collection in particular. Win had a genuine desire to support the development of art and artists, and further supported contemporary visual arts in Queensland through the gifting of a large number of works to tertiary institution collections.

Endeavour Foundation

Endeavour Foundation is a not-for-profit charity established in Queensland in 1951, and one of the largest disability service providers in Australia. The organisation employs more than 1800 staff and 1200 volunteers who support people with a disability in more than 4000 placements. Since its inception, Endeavour Foundation has changed and evolved in response to the requirements and interests of people with a disability, their families and the community.