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Finding a job

Preparing for the job – Start by asking:

Where to look for jobs

Apply for the job

Most job advertisements tell you what information the employer wants you to send them to assess your suitability for the job. Read this information carefully—it is your chance to tell employers about your skills, work history and suitability. Don’t forget to check the closing date for applications.

Examples of selection techniques

  • Resume and cover letter.
  • Statement addressing selection criteria.
  • Interviews.
  • Group or individual activity.
  • Aptitude and ability tests.
  • Referee reports.

Resources to help you prepare your application

Applying for jobs if you have a criminal history

Having a criminal history doesn’t stop you from getting a job. But for some jobs, the employer might ask you to have a criminal history check.

Check the job description or contact the employer to see if this applies to the job you’re interested in.

Read where to get legal advice and how to apply for your Queensland criminal history.

What if I don’t get the job?

Don’t be discouraged if you are having trouble finding work. Treat each job application process as a learning experience. Look back over your applications and interviews and see where you can improve next time.

  • Maybe your resume, cover letter or applications are not highlighting your suitability. If your application is unsuccessful, ask for some feedback from the employer or recruiter.
  • If you had an interview but don’t get the job, call the employer and ask for some tips for improvement.

If you keep asking for feedback and using it to improve your applications and interview performance you will eventually be successful and get the job best suited to you.

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10 April 2014

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