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Toll tags

To pay your toll you need to contact go via, the toll payment provider, for the toll road you travelled on.

What are toll tags?

A toll tag is an electronic device that can be fitted to your windscreen. As toll roads in Queensland use free-flow tolling, a toll tag makes it easy for you to pay your tolls. You receive a toll tag when you open a toll tag account with a toll payment provider.

What is a toll tag account?

A toll tag account allows you to track and pay for your use of toll roads. Once you open an account, you will receive a toll tag for your vehicle. As your vehicle travels under a tolling point, the toll tag will beep. The toll payment provider then deducts the toll from your account.

Should I start a toll tag account?

A toll tag account is a good choice if you travel regularly on toll roads. Toll tags can be used on any toll road in Australia.

Other account and payment options are available, but may include additional fees.

Contact a toll payment provider to open an account, or to get more information about toll payment options.

Get a toll tag account

Go via can provide you with a toll tag account for the toll roads you use.

Last updated
12 April 2016

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