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Transport and motoring service centres

Note: Select a service centre to find its location, opening hours and the services it offers.

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Opening hours for transport services
Day Morning Afternoon
Monday {{Mon am}} {{Mon pm}}
Tuesday {{Tues am}} {{Tues pm}}
Wednesday {{Wed am}} {{Wed pm}}
Thursday {{Thurs am}} {{Thurs pm}}
Friday {{Fri am}} {{Fri pm}}

Online services

You may be able to save a trip by using our online services instead.

School and passenger transport services

Contact your nearest school transport office for information on:

  • the School Transport Assistance Scheme
  • the Code of Conduct for School Children Travelling on Buses
  • school bus upgrade schemes.

Contact your nearest passenger transport office for assistance with:

  • driver authorisations
  • operator accreditations
  • other passenger transport services.
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3 September 2015

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