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Selling and moving unregistered vehicles

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Before you sell or move your unregistered vehicle, trailer or caravan there are a few things you need.

You need an unregistered vehicle permit if you want to move your unregistered vehicle. You must also have compulsory third party (CTP) insurance that will cover the journey.

Selling an unregistered vehicle, trailer or caravan

Selling your unregistered vehicle, trailer or caravan involves a few steps. Sellers and buyers both have a responsibility when the sale takes place.

You can sell an unregistered vehicle in Queensland without a safety certificate. Once the buyer has inspected the vehicle to their satisfaction and agreed to buy, you will need to create a paper trail for the sale. Make sure to include:

  • a signature from the person selling and the person buying
  • the vehicle identification number (VIN); or chassis number; and/or the engine number
  • the make and model of the vehicle
  • the date of the sale.

In most cases, a simple contract, transaction receipt or a carbon copy receipt is acceptable so long as it lists this information. Both the buyer and seller should sign it and keep a copy for their own records.

Moving an unregistered vehicle, trailer or caravan within Queensland

You can apply for an unregistered vehicle permit online or in person if you need to move your vehicle, trailer or caravan on Queensland’s roads. If your vehicle is not safe to drive you will need to get a tow truck to move your vehicle.

You will also need to get CTP insurance for the length of the permit. Caravans and trailers do not need CTP insurance if they are towed by a Queensland registered vehicle or by an unregistered vehicle with a Queensland issued unregistered vehicle permit.

Moving an unregistered vehicle, trailer, or caravan interstate

You will need an unregistered vehicle permit to move an unregistered vehicle from Queensland to another state or territory.

If you move a vehicle from another state or territory to Queensland, you will need to get a permit from the relevant transport department of the state or territory in which your journey begins.

Your Queensland-issued unregistered vehicle permit can be used throughout Australia, except in Western Australia.

Contact the Department of Transport in Western Australia for more information if you need to travel there.


Need to register your unregistered vehicle?

If you buy an unregistered vehicle and want to register it in Queensland, find out how.

Last updated
30 September 2013

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