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Queensland Governors

Period served Governor
29/07/2008–present Her Excellency Ms Penelope Anne Wensley AC
29/07/2003–29/07/2008 Ms Quentin Alice Louise Bryce AC
29/07/1997–29/07/2003 Major General Peter Maurice Arnison AC CVO
29/07/1992–29/07/1997 Mrs Leneen Forde AC
22/07/1985–28/07/1992 Hon. Sir Walter Benjamin Campbell AC QC
22/04/1977–21/07/1985 Sir James Ramsay KCMG KCVO CBE DSC
20/03/1977–21/04/1977 Hon. Sir Mostyn Hanger, K.B.E. (Administrator)
21/03/1972 – 20/03/1977 Sir Colin Thomas Hannah KCMG KCVO KBE CB
09/03/1972–21/03/1972 Hon. Mostyn Hanger, Chief Justice (Administrator)
21/03/1966–21/03/1972 Hon. Sir Alan James Mansfield KCMG KCVO
10/03/1966–18/03/1966 Hon. William George Mack, Chief Justice (Administrator)
18/04/1963–18/10/1963 Hon. Sir Alan James Mansfield KCMG (Administrator)
31/03/1960–24/05/1960 Hon. Sir Alan James Mansfield KCMG (Administrator)
18/03/1958–18/03/1966 Sir Henry Abel Smith KCMG KCVO DSO
25/01/1957–18/03/1958 Hon. Sir Alan James Mansfield (Administrator)
01/10/1946–04/12/1957 Sir John Dudley Lavarack KCMG KCVO KBE CB DSO
24/04/1946–30/09/1946 Hon. Frank George Cooper, (Lieutenant Governor)
17/05/1937–21/11/1937 Hon. Sir James William Blair (Administrator)
13/06/1932–23/04/1946 Sir Leslie Orme Wilson GCMG GCSI GCIE DSO
08/04/1932–01/06/1932 Hon. Sir James William Blair (Administrator)
08/05/1929–02/06/1929 Hon. William Lennon (Lieutenant Governor)
13/06/1927–07/04/1932 Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Herbert John Chapman Goodwin, KCB, CMG, DSO
17/09/1925–13/06/1927 Hon. William Lennon (Lieutenant Governor)
03/12/1920–17/09/1925 Rt. Hon. Lieutenant Colonel Sir Matthew Nathan, GCMG
03/02/1920–03/12/1920 Hon. William Lennon (Lieutenant Governor)
15/03/1915–03/02/1920 Major Sir Hamilton John Goold-Adams, GCMG, CB
16/07/1914–15/03/1915 Hon. Sir Arthur Morgan (Lieutenant Governor)
02/12/1909–16/07/1914 Sir William MacGregor, GCMG, CB
27/05/1909–02/12/1909 Hon. Sir Arthur Morgan (Lieutenant Governor)
30/11/1905–26/05/1909 Rt. Hon. Frederic John Napier Thesiger, Baron Chelmsford, GCMG, GCSI, GCIE, GBE
10/10/1904–30/11/1905 Rt. Hon. Sir Hugh Muir Nelson, (Lieutenant Governor)
24/03/1902–10/10/1904 Major General Sir Herbert Charles Chermside
21/12/1901–24/03/1902 Rt. Hon. Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, (Lieutenant Governor)
09/04/1896–19/12/1901 Rt. Hon. Charles Wallace Alexander Napier Cochrane Baillie, Lord Lamington GCMG
15/11/1895–09/04/1896 Hon. Sir Arthur Hunter Palmer, KCMG (Lieutenant Governor Administrator)
16/11/1890–06/05/1891 Hon. Sir Arthur Hunter Palmer, KCMG (Administrator)
01/05/1889–31/12/1895 Sir Henry Wylie Norman GCB GCMG CIE
09/10/1888–01/05/1889 Hon. Sir Arthur Hunter Palmer, KCMG (Administrator)
20/04/1886–13/12/1886 Hon. Sir Arthur Hunter Palmer, KCMG (Administrator)
06/11/1883–09/11/1889 Sir Anthony Musgrave GCMG
02/05/1883–06/11/1883 Hon. Sir Arthur Hunter Palmer, KCMG (Administrator)
19/03/1880–22/11/1880 Hon. Joshua Peter Bell, (Administrator)
20/07/1877–02/05/1883 Sir Arthur Edward Kennedy GCMG CB
10/04/1877–20/07/1877 Sir Arthur Edward Kennedy GCMG CB (Administrator)
14/03/1877–10/04/1877 Colonel Sir Maurice Charles O'Connell, Kt. (Administrator)
23/01/1875–14/03/1877 William Wellington Cairns KCMG
12/11/1874–23/01/1875 Colonel Sir Maurice Charles O'Connell, Kt. (Administrator)
12/08/1871–12/11/1874 The Most Honourable George Augustus Constantine Phipps, Marquess of Normanby GCB GCMG PC
02/01/1871–12/08/1871 Colonel Maurice Charles O'Connell, Kt (Administrator)
14/08/1868–02/01/1871 Colonel Samuel Wensley Blackall
04/01/1868–14/08/1868 Colonel Maurice Charles O'Connell (Administrator)
10/12/1859–04/01/1868 Sir George Ferguson Bowen GCMG

For information about the current Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC – her role and responsibilities, and her program of constitutional, official and civic duties.

Last updated
30 July 2012

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