Rental Security Subsidy

A Rental Security Subsidy can help Queenslanders who are faced with short-term financial barriers which make it difficult to pay the rent and sustain a tenancy in the private rental market.

A Rental Security Subsidy can support you to maintain your housing and employment options by paying a portion of your rent directly to your landlord or property manager to help sustain your current or new tenancy.

You can have your rent subsidised for a maximum of 12 months. The level of rent subsidy is based on factors such as total household income and your circumstances.

Staff at your local Housing Service Centre will work with you to understand your circumstances and determine whether a Rental Security Subsidy is right for you.

Who can apply for a Rental Security Subsidy?

You may be able to apply for a Rental Security Subsidy if you need temporary help to stabilise your current or new private housing tenancy.

The subsidy can support you if you’re experiencing financial barriers to maintaining your tenancy, such as:

  • additional bills
  • health issues
  • the sudden loss of employment
  • unforeseen caring responsibilities.

To find out more about the Rental Security Subsidy, contact your local Housing Service Centre.

Read the Rental Security Subsidy transcript (DOCX, 18KB).