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How to use the property and title search

Instructions for using the search service

  • Ensure you are running the latest version of your web browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).
  • Only Queensland addresses and lot on plans can be purchased through this service.
  • Current titles searches can also be purchased from online distributors.
  • Historical title searches and copies of documents and plans can be purchased from online distributors.

Searching using street addresses

The property search service uses a statewide address database which is maintained by us and sourced from local councils.

When searching by street addresses, type in the address one character at a time. This allows the service to prompt and suggest corresponding addresses.

Searching for units

The address format for units is: unit number/street number (e.g. 5/100 Happy Street Brisbane).


If the address you are searching for does not appear, check if:

  • the street number has a ranged address (e.g. 22–26)
  • the address has a suffix (e.g. 54A or Unit 54A/54 Smith Road)
  • the spelling of the street name is correct (e.g. 14–16 Happee Street Brisbane)
  • the official street name is not abbreviated (e.g. St or Saint; Mt or Mount)
  • the locality or suburb is correct
  • the road type is correct (e.g. Happy Terrace or Happy Street).

If you believe the address you are using is correct and problems persist, please email and provide your search details.

Searching using lot on plan

Lot numbers

Lot numbers are generally numbers only. If your lot number includes a letter (e.g. A or another letter), then you may be looking for a non-standard type of document (e.g. lease, easement, stock route). Many of these are not currently available through the property search service.

Plan numbers

Plan numbers always include a plan prefix (i.e. letters) as well as numbers (e.g. RP123456, SP123456, W1234, BUP12345, CP12345). The most common plan type is RP (i.e. registered plan). Other plan types include SP (i.e. survey plan), BUP (i.e. building unit plan), CP (i.e. crown plan), GTP (i.e. group title plan). There are no spaces between plan prefixes and plan numbers. When searching via lot and plan, ensure you include the plan prefix.


If the service can’t find your address or lot on plan, check:

  • spelling (then try entering it again)
  • lot number, plan number and plan prefix.

In some circumstances, the property search service may not be able to find the property.

Examples include:

  • a property which has been subdivided and a new lot on plan has been issued
  • a property which has been amalgamated and a new lot on plan has been issued
  • a property where a new lot on plan has been allocated
  • if the lot on plan is new and the plan has not yet been lodged, registered or processed.

Contact us

For more information, or advice on the appropriate product, phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or contact your local business centre during business hours.

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