Technology and communications

Internet basics

The following websites provide information to help you learn to transact and interact safely online:

  • The eSafety Commissioner website provides information to help all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online. This includes information for educators, children and young people, parents, women and seniors.
  • Stay Smart Online provides information on how home internet users and small businesses can protect themselves from cyber security threats such as software vulnerabilities, online scams, malicious activities and risky online behaviours.
  • The website provides information on how to market your business online through a website, blog or social media account to help you reach a larger audience.
  • Be Connected is an initiative that enables all Australians to develop their digital skills and confidence. Learning resources are provided online and through a network of community partners
  • Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland Program provides older people with the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to use technology for socialising, accessing important services or conducting personal business.
  • Go Digi helps you learn online skills, or help others to learn.

Free internet and WiFi access

Free access to computers and the internet may be available through:

WiFi access

WiFi is high speed, wireless internet access. Areas where WiFi can be accessed are referred to as 'hotspots'. In most cases hotspots are free, but at some locations you may have to pay to use a WiFi hotspot. You will need to use your own laptop or mobile device to connect to this service.

Free WiFi is available in parks and public spaces across Brisbane and Queensland Rail’s City network trains.

Other places include:

If you don't live in Brisbane, some regional council libraries may offer this service. Find a public library near you for more information.

Some shopping centres now also provide free WiFi access.

Social media and mobile apps

The eSafety Commissioner website provides an eSafety Guide so you can learn about the latest games, apps and social media, including how to protect your information and report inappropriate content.

The Australian Government provides a list of apps you can download to access their resources and services.

We also provide a list of useful apps for Queenslanders.

Online communities and meet-ups

Meet-ups are a great way to find other people with interests similar to yours. Meet-ups are generally formed around a topic or interest and will set a regular time to meet, share, make or work together. The Edge in Brisbane hosts a number of meet-ups and workshops and supports others with space to do their own thing.

Internet regulation

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is Australia's communications and media regulator. They check whether broadcasters, telcos and other businesses are following the law.