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Queensland Government

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Queensland Government Funding Opportunities. This website lists funding programs by government agency. Contact details are given.

Among many others, the site includes grants such as:

Our Place, Our Future
The Department of Local Government has funding available through the Our Place, Our Future initiative for rural and remote communities to increase the capacity to own and manage their future.

Strengthening Rural Indigenous Non-Government Organisations funding
The Department of Communities has funding available for Indigenous organisations that provide services in rural Queensland.

Building Rural Links
Rural community organisations will share $500 000 in funding provided by the Queensland Government through the Building Rural Links grants program.

Living Buildings and Places - Queensland's Heritage Grant Program
The Environmental Protection Agency funds projects to assist owners of Queensland's significant heritage places to protect and conserve these places, and ensure their continued use and appreciation by the community.

Queensland Gambling Community Benefit Fund
The Queensland Gambling Community Benefit Fund provides one-off grants to Queensland-based community organisations to assist these organisations to provide services and activities within their local communities.

Indigenous Community Development Program (ICDP)
The Department of Local Government Planning Sport and Recreation provides funding to Aboriginal Shire councils, Torres Strait Islander councils and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to support better opportunities for Indigenous people to participate in sport and active recreation in their communities.

International Women's Day Grants
The Department of Local Government Planning Sport and Recreation contributes to events run by Queensland community organisations to celebrate International Women's Day.

The Queensland Department of Communities also maintains a funding calendar that gives a schedule of funding opportunities for communities

Commonwealth Government

The Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services hosts the grantslink website which gives a comprehensive listing of Commonwealth funding available under a variety of grant programs for individuals, businesses and communities

Local Government

Information on local government funding for communities is available at Queensland Local Government grants

Not for Profit Organisations is a not for profit organisation that provides extensive information for community groups and organisations including a broad range of funding opportunities.

Queensland Community Foundation

Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) is a public charitable trust set up to serve the State's communities by providing a permanent funding source for charity.

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)

FRRR offers two funding schemes for rural communities. The Small Grants for Small Rural Communities Program offers about $300,000 a year in grants to benefit people in rural and remote communities. The FRRR/ANZ Seeds of Renewal Program is a small grants program providing funding to small, rural and regional not-for-profit organisations for projects and activities to aid the growth of their community.

Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund

Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund

Improving Your Chances of Getting Funds

Looking for funding for your community project should not replace good planning. There is a temptation to develop a project quickly just because funding is available. It is often better to spend more time engaging local people and planning a project and applying for the next round of funding.

A common mistake is also to apply to a funding program that doesn’t suit your project. If you don’t fully meet the intended purpose of a particular funding program you are unlikely to be successful. It is important to target the right funding source.

Some tips on applying for funding are:

  • In your application, make sure that you clearly address every criteria that will be used assess your project
  • Make your application is clear and concise with no errors
  • Use the help that is available — phone the contact person for the funding program or contact your local Council for advice
  • Put deadlines in your calendar and allow enough time to prepare an application before the deadline
  • Explain how your project could end up being at least partly self-funded if that is possible. Funding bodies increasingly want to know how projects can be funded for the long term
  • Test your application against the assessment criteria
  • Adequately value community contributions — value in-kind contributions using an hourly rate and include them as a dollar figure in the budget
  • Build allies — inform your Council, Area Consultative Committee, or your Department of Communities office to let them know about your project
  • Link with existing projects or with other projects being developed in your community. Make sure that similar projects are not being submitted from the same or nearby community
  • If you are unsuccessful, gain feedback and discuss options with the funding body.

Extra resources

Some more hints for writing successful grant applications can be found at:

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17 June 2011
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20 June 2011