QAS4Leaders provides the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) with a unique leadership program to be delivered to selected athletes.

We wanted to create a program that would deliver noticeable change to participants in the area of leadership, targeted at those in the high performance environment.

Program overview

QAS4Leaders consists of 7 workshops, delivered approximately every 6 weeks (pending training and/or competition constraints).

Each session runs for 4 hours, led by a dedicated facilitator with expert industry experience.

Topics covered:

  • Session 1 – Leading Self (speaker, community building, leadership and influence, motivation)
  • Session 2 – Leading Self (purpose, strengths and mindset)
  • Session 3 – Leading and Motivating Others (keynote, presenting skills, emotional competencies, trust and influence)
  • Session 4 – Leading and Motivating Others (integrity, brand, managing relational conflict and courageous conversations)
  • Session 5 – Leading for the Future (transition, transferable skills, career aspirations, value proposition)
  • Session 6 – Leading for the Future (curiosity, mentorship, networks, and essential skills)
  • Session 7 – Bringing it all Together (presentation to KPMG staff).

Between each session, participants are given activities and further learning opportunities that extend the course content. This will allow participants to put what they have learnt into practice.

These extension activities include:

  • journaling
  • preparing presentations
  • making new connections
  • digital reviews
  • book reviews
  • developing networks.

What makes a great leader?

Leadership comes in many forms. It may not always be the ones who are most boisterous in squads, the best player, the ones thrust into senior roles. It could be those who stand back and watch, analyse and project their influence on individuals, ‘standing up’ at the right moment.

QAS4Leaders works towards developing strong interpersonal and communication skills in participating athletes so that they can contribute positively to their sport and beyond.

Alongside this skill development, QAS4Leaders will generate a greater sense of engagement and connectivity to the QAS and its traditions of excellence. Encouraging athletes to thrive in these areas will increase their ability to mentor and lead within their own sport and across all aspects of their lives.