Applying for the HomeBuilder grant

HomeBuilder provided individuals and couples with a grant towards building or buying a new home or substantially renovating an existing home that they will own and occupy.

Applications for the grant closed on 14 April 2021. If you applied, you have until 30 April 2023 to confirm your application and provide all supporting documents.

The grant amount is:

  • $25,000 for contracts signed between 4 June and 31 December 2020
  • $15,000 for contracts signed between 1 January and 31 March 2021.

Check the status and update your application

We received tens of thousands of applications for the grant. Because of the number and their complexity, it may take us up to 2 months to finalise your application after you have uploaded all required documents and submitted for processing. We will let you know a decision as soon as we can. Make sure you have provided all the documents we need.

You can log in and check the status of your application.

Log in to Homebuilder

  • Incomplete—you have started your application but information is missing. You need to complete the required fields and confirm your application.
  • Documents required—you’ve lodged your application and we need supporting documents by 30 April 2023. You can log in and see what documents you have provided and what is still required. You can upload additional documents under Other.
  • Submitted for processing—we have all your documents and no further action is required from you. It could take up to 1 month before your application is allocated to an assessor who will contact you.
  • Lodged—your application is in the queue to be processed. (For the majority of cases, this could take a few weeks.)

We process grant applications in date order. Once your application is at 'lodged' status, you don’t need to contact us to check the progress. We will notify you when a decision has been made.

Find out about supporting document requirements for:


These criteria apply to all persons, whether they applied as an individual or as part of a couple.

  • You must not have previously received a HomeBuilder grant in any state or territory of Australia.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age. (Companies and trusts cannot apply.)
  • You must be an Australian citizen at the time you apply.
  • Your 2018–19 or 2019-20 annual taxable income must be below:
    • $125,000 for an individual
    • $200,000 for a couple.
  • You will be the registered owner on the title.
  • The home will be your principal place of residence after completion or settlement.
  • The contract is signed between 4 June 2020 and 31 March 2021 to:
    • buy an off-the plan or new home valued at $750,000 or less (including GST) where construction commences within 18  months of the date you sign the contract (but not before 4 June 2020)
    • build a new home where the build amount and the value of the land (including any existing structures) is $750,000 or less (including GST) and the date construction commences is within 18  months after you sign the contract
    • substantially renovate an existing home, where all the following apply
      • the date construction commences is within 18  months after the date you sign the contract
      • renovations cost between $150,000 and $750,000 (including GST)
      • the value of property (home and land before renovation) is less than $1.5 million.


In these examples, the individuals needed to meet all eligibility criteria and application deadlines.

Nikau holds a New Zealand passport and is living in Queensland permanently on a special category visa.

Nikau is not be eligible for the grant because he is not an Australian citizen.

Mandeep and Sunita bought a new home together. Mandeep is an Australian citizen and Sunita is a permanent resident under a special category visa.

Mandeep and Sunita were not eligible for the grant because, as a couple, they are not both Australian citizens.

Two brothers, Alfredo and Mario, inherited the family home. They engaged a builder to renovate the home before moving back in.

They were not eligible for the grant because they are not a couple.

Jolanta, who is married to Thanh, bought an apartment solely in her name. Jolanta’s taxable income for 2018–19 was $140,000 and for 2019–20 was $120,000.

Jolanta was eligible for the grant because she applied as an individual and her income was below $125,000 in 2019–20. (It must be below the threshold in either 2018–19 or 2019–20).

Make sure you don’t lose the grant

To keep the grant, all applicants must meet the residence requirements:

If you are unable to meet these residence requirements, you must tell us within 14 days. The best way is to send an email using the online enquiry form. Select Home buyer grants as the subject of enquiry.

Depending on your circumstances, you may have to pay back the grant because you are no longer eligible.

Late applications

If you did not start your application before the closing date, you cannot apply for the grant. This is an Australian Government policy decision, and the Queensland Government is not able to change it.

If you started an application online by 14 April 2021, you will be able to continue with it.

You will know your application is confirmed when you have:

  • a 6-letter reference
  • entered all the required information
  • signed (electronically) a declaration
  • a status of ‘Documents required’
  • received a confirmation email.

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