Fishing in stocked impoundments

There are 63 impoundments (dams and weirs) in Queensland that require a Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS) permit to fish with a line.

The impoundments are stocked with native fish specifically for recreational fishing. The scheme provides a sustainable fishing option that reduces the fishing pressure on wild fish stocks.

Before you go fishing check the interactive search tool for impoundments that require a permit. You can search by location, facilities or fish species. There is also detailed information about the number of fish stocked at each location.

About SIPS permits

A SIPS permit covers access to all 63 impoundments and allows you to fish with recreational fishing lines only. Permits cost:

  • $12.30 per week
  • $58.43 per year
  • $42.03 per year if you are entitled to a discount*

* You are entitled to a discount if you have a Queensland Government Seniors Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card or a Repatriation Health Care Card (Gold Card).

All persons over the age of 18 years must hold a permit when line fishing in SIPS impoundments (children and teenagers under 18 years do not require a permit).

You must carry your permit (digital email, digital sms, paper receipt) with you when fishing in a stocked impoundment and produce it on request by QBFP.

Digital permits

No need to print out your permit. A digital permit will instantly be emailed and/or sms to you when a permit is purchased online, at selected sub-agent outlets and over the phone.

A digital permit will also be emailed within 24 hours of purchase when a permit is purchased over the counter via Australia Post outlets.

Purchase a permit

A SIP can be purchased:

Funds raised by stocked impoundment permits

Impoundments are 'put, grow and take' fisheries where most stocked species will not reproduce. This means the impoundments need to be stocked regularly with fish.

The money anglers pay for their permits goes towards maintaining and enhancing recreational fishing in stocked impoundments and management of the scheme.

The SIPS financial summaries provide details about permit sales, the scheme’s budget and how the funds available for fish stocking were allocated for the financial year:

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