Completing The Duke of Ed

The Online Record Book (ORB) provides much of the information you will need to know about how to complete your Award.

The basic steps are:

  1. Choose your activities for each section—check out the list of Award activity ideas - COVID-19 (PDF, 729KB) or (RTF, 142KB), or talk to your Award Leader or parent for advice.
  2. Find your assessors—ask your Award Leader to help you find a suitable assessor for each of your activities.
  3. Complete your Award plan—email to request the latest Bronze/Silver Award plan or Gold Award plan then discuss your planned activities with your Award Leader.
  4. Get your Award plan approved
  5. Do your activities—after your plan is approved you can begin your activities. You can do more than 1 section at a time
  6. Fill in your record booklog your hours on your Online Record Book (ORB). Keep accurate records of your activities and once you have completed each activity send the assessment request for each section to your Assessors via the ORB. They will need to write a brief report on your activity.
  7. Get your Award approved—when all of your sections are complete, submit your ORB to your Award Leader. Once they are happy you have completed all of the sections and have attached all the relevant Assessor reports, they will forward it to the Queensland Award Operating Authority for approval.
  8. Receive your Award—the Queensland Award Operating Authority will send you a letter and you will get your certificate and badge. You can choose how you would like to receive your certificate and badge:
    • your Award Leader can present them to you
    • you can attend an Award ceremony (contact your Award Centre for details)
    • you can have them sent to you.

What happens next?

  1. If you've completed Bronze or Silverdo the next level.
  2. If you've completed Gold, or can't do another level, you may want to: