Resources for Adventurous Journey Supervisors

Supervising a journey

About the Adventurous Journey—for supervisors, here's an overview of what you need to do to supervise a journey.

In Queensland, Adventurous Journeys operate under an Adventurous Journey Supervision policy (PDF, 348 KB) or (RTF, 207KB) to ensure the safety of young people and volunteers while not affecting their sense of adventure or independence. It is a requirement that Adventurous Journeys are conducted in-line with this policy.

If an incident or accident occurs on any Duke of Ed approved activity, including Adventurous Journeys, an incident report form must be completed and emailed to the Queensland Award Operating Authority at

Mandatory forms

Before you start supervising an Adventurous Journey, you must complete the following:

Supplementary templates

The below templates are for Award Centres and adult volunteers and can be adapted by an Award Centre when conducting activities. They are templates only and Award Centres can use their own documents instead. These templates do not need to be submitted to the Queensland Award Operating Authority. Please email to request any of the below templates:

Supervisor checklists

  • AC1—Bushwalking
  • AC2—Cycling
  • AC3—Sailing.

Participant assessments

  • AC5—Bushwalking
  • AC6—Cycling
  • AC7—Sailing.

Other forms

  • AC8 Adventurous Journey risk management checklist
  • AC10 Group participant register
  • AC11 Adventurous Journey intention sheet
  • AC12 Adventurous Journey venue proforma
  • AC12b Adventurous Journey venue proforma - example
  • AC13 Adventurous Journey evaluation sheet.