Planning your transition from care

Transitioning from care is about planning for the time when you reach adulthood and are no longer in care.

When you're around 15 years of age, your Child Safety Officer (CSO) will start talking to you about planning for your future, and for when your Child Protection Order ends.

Case plans

As part of your case plan, you and your CSO will plan for your transition from care and becoming an adult. This plan looks at your goals and dreams and how you and your CSO will achieve them.

Depending on your transition from care goals in your case plan, your CSO may help you with:

Child Health Passport

Your Child Health Passport is the folder with information in it about your health and medical history. The passport is kept by your carer, but you are entitled to keep it once you turn 18 years of age. To get your passport, talk to your CSO or carer.

Transition to Independent Living Allowance (TILA)

TILA is a payment of up to $1500 to assist people of 15 to 25 years of age to make the transition from living in care. Check if you’re eligible for the payment. For more information on getting the TILA payment, talk to your CSO or email

Sortli app

Sortli (short for ‘sort out your life’) is a free mobile app to help you think about your future life and plan your transition from care. It was developed by young people who have already left the care system and are living independently, and professionals who work with young people in care.

Note that, as Sortli covers some sensitive topics, it is not suitable for young people under 15 years of age.

Find out more and download the app.

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